Weekly Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Report - May 4

Dated: May 4 2022

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May the Fourth be with you! A lot of you have been asking if the market has shifted, what it means to home buyers and sellers, and what lies in the future with the current market state. Worry no more, as we'll talk about it in today's video!

Current Market State

This week's market is an indication of a shift. Yes, you read that right, from the looks of it the market is shifting at this point. We have seen some softness in the DMV area when it comes to the house prices.

For buyers

While there is an anticipated market shift that's happening at the moment, don't get too excited because there are still some areas where we are facing some multiple offer challenges. It's important to understand what's going on in the marketplace. While we are not seeing 12 to 14 home offer escalation at the moment, we are seeing about two to four offers on a particular home, just like in my listings and the others as well. Market is still strong, but not as strong like a couple of months back.

For sellers 

While the market has softened, this is still a fairly strong housing market that we're having. It's still very important to team up with the realtor who knows the local market and how to leverage your sale for that sweet deal you've been looking for.

Price Drop - is it going to happen?

While the market is softening, we're not expecting a nosedive in the housing prices. Sure, there have been some listings that have been adjusting their home prices, but not as crazy as 10%. It will always boil down on how you'll price your home correctly, and have an aggressive market strategy with the assistance of a seasoned marketing agent (like me) so you can get that middle ground with the buyers which will be a win-win situation for everyone

What this means in the future

We'll be expecting some price drops here and there, but again, nothing too crazy. This is all due to recessions and inflation all because of the pandemic and some current world events, but it is definitely not the end for the housing market for the DMV area -- more like a rebalance or adjustment from the crazy market we've been having for the past couple of months. We will soon hit that sweet spot for the home prices and inventory, and real estate has always been a staple when it comes to a lot of things, so we are in the clear for the most part.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding this week's market report? Do you also need help in buying or determining the market value of your own home and how to strategize in selling it? Let's sit down and talk about the options for you! Make your move today!

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