First Impression Lasts - Take Advantage of it!

Dated: December 5 2022

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Studies show that it takes a buyer the first eight seconds upon entering the home to make a decision whether to buy the said home or not. First impression matters in the shift of the market. In this buyer-driven market, this means sellers would have to make an effort to design and declutter the home one of the top priorities among other things.

Finding the right agent who understands the local market and pricing the home right from day one are very important, too. These will give them a reason to view the home in the first place. Aside from that, the shorter daylight makes things a bit darker than usual, so make sure that the home is warm and lighted. With that said, being more flexible with the showing is important, too - you're on a timer for each day, so make sure to be at the right moment at the right time.

Want other tips on how you can sell your home in today's market? Let's team up!

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