Breaking the Mold: Single Women Lead in Homeownership

Dated: January 29 2024

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In the ever-changing landscape of the housing market, a remarkable trend has emerged—single women are outpacing single men in homeownership. Let's unravel the facts behind this intriguing shift.


High Rates in Unlikely Places

Single men hold the highest homeownership rates in New Mexico, North Dakota, and Alaska, with percentages standing at 12.85%, 12.74%, and 12.44%, respectively.

Single-Women Powerhouses

Delaware, Louisiana, and Mississippi boast the highest single-women homeownership rates. In these states, 15.19%, 14.84%, and 15.34% of owner-occupied households are owned by single women, surpassing their single male counterparts.


States with the Largest Share of Single-Women Homeowners:

#1. Delaware

Owner-occupied households: 298,861
Single women homeowners: 15.34%
Single men homeowners: 9.45%
Gender gap: 5.89 percentage points

#2. Louisiana

Owner-occupied households: 1,232,105
Single women homeowners: 15.19%
Single men homeowners: 10.71%
Gender gap: 4.48 percentage points

#3. Mississippi

Owner-occupied households: 803,857
Single women homeowners: 14.84%
Single men homeowners: 10.85%
Gender gap: 3.99 percentage points

States with the Largest Share of Single-Men Homeowners

#1. New Mexico

Owner-occupied households: 604,224
Single women homeowners: 14.49%
Single men homeowners: 12.85%
Gender gap: 1.64 percentage points

#2. North Dakota

Owner-occupied households: 214,827
Single women homeowners: 10.66%
Single men homeowners: 12.74%
Gender gap: -2.08 percentage points

#3. Alaska

Owner-occupied households: 182,626
Single women homeowners: 10.28%
Single men homeowners: 12.44%
Gender gap: -2.16 percentage points

This shift in homeownership dynamics prompts us to rethink traditional norms. Single women are not just breaking the glass ceiling in their professional lives; they're shattering expectations in the realm of real estate. Join us in exploring this empowering trend that is reshaping the housing narrative.

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